Thank you Lilian

Thank You
for 3 Years as a dedicated & prayerful
Branch President
(April 2011- 2014)
Driffield Section is very proud of you!

True Dedication: Lilian has always been interested in the work of Catholic Women’s organisations |& has travelled widely abroad to be involved in their outreach. As Branch President of the CWL for Middlesbrough Diocese, Lilian travelled extenively and tirelessly to attend meetings and conferences and to promote the work of the League.
She visited every Section, many times, to befriend members and to praise and encourage them in their activities. She kept CWL – and Driffield Parish in particular! – in the news in the Catholic Voice every month. She has a reputation for encouraging every priest she meets to start a CWL section in his own parish (with some success!). She has kept up a personal monthly mini-pilgrimage of the Catholic Women’s League!to St Margaret Clitherow’s Shrine in York to pray for the work of CWL and has organised a range of Advent & Lenten retreats – open to men and women and to non-members alike – over the last three years.

Thank you Lilian for being such a prayerful and dedicated Branch President!Lilian

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