November Month of the Holy Souls

There is an old saying “if you can go nowhere else, you can always go home.” This may not always be true in the natural world, but it is true in the Christian world. Because our home is in heaven, and the month of November draws our attention to this fact. November starts with All Saints Day and ends with St Andrew`s Day and during the month we have Remembrance Sunday and All Souls Day. November is in many ways the month of death, even the weather seems to take on this theme, it is cloudy and dull.

But while death brings sorrow to us, the departure of a loved one is a sadness and tears are natural, but death is also an occasion of joy for the Christian, because he knows that it is beginning of something new, he is going home. But this brings a challenge to us while we are on earth, are we living the life that is worthy of coming home to heaven. Often, especially on a rainy day, we are told to “wipe our feet,” before we come in the house, or we may hear someone say “have you washed your hands” before you eat that meal.

Preparation and respect for entering a home is something we take for granted, but when we come to death and the entering of our heavenly Father`s home, will we be prepared? We need to wash not our hands but our souls, by repenting of our sins, reflecting day by day, on where we have failed in our duty to God or to our fellow humans. Saying sorry to God or to our neighbour, how often do we hear of people saying “if only I had told so and so I was sorry, but it is too late now, they have died.” While it is not too late be reconciled, today, none of us knows the time of our death. In wiping our dirty feet we show respect for other peoples` homes, this reminds us of the need to show respect for others in the ordinary run of life. How often do we belittle others, speak badly of them, gossip about them, Jesus likens these actions to murder and after death for all of us comes judgement. We will all have to answer for our actions, when we stand before the throne of God.

November reminds us of the shortness of our human life, and the need to be ready for death, which will come at an hour we do not expect, but it also reminds that there is a home awaiting us. So while we have time, left to us here on earth, we must prepare ourselves to enter that home, by living now a life worthy of the eternal home.


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